Recently, Tyler has been getting into Twitter. I don't really understand the trend, but I was sick of his computer making this beeping/twitting/tweeting noise every time someone twittered, so i decided to check it out myself. This video pretty much sums up my feelings exactly:

but...i'm still going to give it a week. I don't have any twitter friends except Tyler and my old history of graphic design teacher. Pretty pathetic that I've got two friends. Oh, and Barack Obama is also my friend following me on twitter.

My main problem is that it's hard to find anyone...if you don't know anyone on twitter (because it's still so new), then there's absolutely no point. Get a journal or a blog instead. Twitter is for obsessive people who see no other choice in their life but updating their status six times a day: "John is leaving for work and forgot to shave." "John is in the car and hates this morning's radio show topic." "John just got cut off by a stupid red kia." "John is at work and looking for a parking space." "John is still looking for a parking space, and is now late for work." Thanks, John. No one cared. Or did they?

It's ridiculous how it engulfs people's lives. Don't get me wrong, I love the internet and rely on it to keep in touch with people, but twitter has made people succumb to a new level of dependency. It worries me, it really does. And is everyone simply twittering because Snoop Dogg and Jay Leno and Barack Obama have one? It's like a false sense of security for the American people. As long as they can keep in touch with twitter, they'll know exactly what Will Ferrell is up to, multiple times a day.

I just think it's ludicrous. I'm going to give it another week, but I've pretty much already given up.


The Boring Family said...

Tyler, we love you, but are you one of those super smart students that sits in the Tanner Building, pretending to follow your teacher's presentation on your own laptop, but are actually checking sports scores, doing your banking, and "twittering"??? I have to agree with Alex...I've got more to my life than keeping up with this. Hence, why I don't have a facebook. Best of luck on your attempt, Alie. Love you guys!

Lauren's blog said...

I totally agree - Twitter is WAY overrated.

kwistin said...

Haha Alie you're fabulous. I have a Twitter. It's just something like icing on the cake...and no one needs extra icing. But it's there, just in case.

Do you still have yours? I'll follow you. :)