BAD DECISION :: using chicken sausage to make homemade corndogs.
GOOD DECISION :: making Martha Stewart's recipe for Speedy Baked Beans.

BAD DECISION :: buying a vinyl box springs cover and having to duct-tape it back together where it ripped.
GOOD DECISION :: buying a more expensive, softer cover for the actual mattress.

BAD DECISION :: making seven(?) trips to Home Depot and one trip to Sears.
GOOD DECISION :: asking the sales associates.

BAD DECISION :: stressing out to the point where I am crying uncontrollably over dinner, bugs, and a bed.
GOOD DECISION :: marrying a man who forgives me when dinner has to be thrown away, the box springs cover has to be duct-taped, and puts up with me complaining and whining all the way to home depot and back. Seven times.


Courtney said...

I love it! Welcome to real life... where you get the good, the bad, the really good and ...rarely the ugly.

The Boring Family said...

Courtney couldn't have said it better!