Unfortunately, I'm sick with the flu this week (I think it's just a bad cold, but Tyler is convinced it's the flu). I've had a slight fever on and off, and I can't stop sniffling. I've already gone through a box of kleenex and....eh, I'll spare you all the gory details.

Today Tyler found a website offering free Snuggies. So we both ordered one; his is royal blue and mine is sage green. I'm secretly hoping in my mind that it is some sort of scam and they'll never really show up in the mail, but Tyler has good sources when he works his internet magic so unfortunately  there is a 99.9% chance they will be here in 6 weeks or less. Oh, boy. I'll be sure to post a picture (not!).

— On a side note, we were at Kohl's the other day and saw an advertisement for snuggies for dogs. Yes, I said dogs. Unfortunately, they were all out. —

Thanks to Mackenzie and Brian, Tyler and I are now addicted to the show The Big Bang Theory. I don't think I would have ever watched it before I met Tyler, but ever since I acquired a nerdy husband, I have slowly begun to understand some of the nerdy jokes. (Not all, to Tyler's dismay, but some. I think he rather likes being the smart one to explain them to me.) The episodes don't even follow much of a storyline, but the show's nerdy, scientific vocabulary is great. Really. Go catch up with the last two seasons.

Annnnnnnd announcing the newest addition to our bedroom wall:

I love it. Just love it. And it looks fantastic inside a $3 Walmart 11 x 17 poster frame.

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The Boring Family said...

We affectionately refer to it as "Sheldon" at our house. Funny, because almost every Monday night, Brian has to remind me that Sheldon is coming on (I always seem to forget) and my whole face lights up! Brian says it's great to see me so excited about a show that we both just love!
Oh, and I hate to tell you, but Tyler's probably right that it's the flu. I will be surprised if any human on earth skips out on being sick this winter! I know of like 5 different strains going around with just people I know! Feel better soon.