Sorry I've been slacking at posting lately. Life really does get difficult when you are this pregnant! I'm constantly exhausted and achy, and can't sleep at night. Around 7 in the morning I often move to the couch to try to get some more shut-eye, but that's not always so effective because I toss and turn there too! Help? I think the only cure is for this little guy to come join our family, but then again that will also lead to a lack of sleep and much exhaustion. Is there no end? Nope.

But then again, I am so excited. Tyler and I are so excited to see baby Jack for the first time and finally meet the little monster! I know he's going to bring so much more happiness into our already happy lives. :) And I know I will look back and realize all of this was worth it in the end.

Anyway, tip of the day for you, via the Real Simple weekly email. Hate it when your leftover spaghetti stains your nice tupperware? (I figured out it's easiest to not heat up things with red sauce, and it cuts back on the stains.)
Alas! A solution: "Introduce tomato sauce to a plastic storage container, and they become fast friends: Even in the dishwasher, they may refuse to part company. To erase traces of sauce, naturally bleach them out by setting the container in the sun. (Lemon juice and baking soda work well too.)" Genius! That is why I subscribe, right there. For 700+ more tips, click here.

And, p.s. for all of my Californian family, it snowed here yesterday. Boo.

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The Boring Family said...

Snow already??? It's 65 today and should be 72 tomorrow! I'm loving it!