I've noticed one thing with Jack. I don't know if all babies are like this, but Jack is. I've noticed he just wakes up one day and has learned something new. Yesterday he couldn't care less about toys, and today I stuck one on his lap and he was trying to pick it up and play with it! 

It's happened this way every.single.time he learns something new. One morning he just woke up smiling and didn't turn back from there. Soon I'll probably find him sitting all by himself in his crib! (Just kidding. He's far from that. But if things continue like this, where they all of a sudden happen, it would be a nice surprise!)

This little guy keeps getting more and more fun to play with. He is so grown up! He hates to be swaddled now, hates all blankets, and hates to be cradled in your arms. He acts like a big kid, not like a baby at all.


The Boring Family said...

Kids will do that to you! Brian and I were just looking through an old photo album from when Morgan was a baby. It seemed like just yesterday, but she's nearly 5 now! They just grow up so I'm learning to enjoy every.single.minute. Well, not the middle of the night crying fits. I could do without those.

I'm lovin' Jack's do in the second picture. Looks like he discovered the light socket! (That's one you don't want to wake up and find that he discovered all on his own!)

Alicia said...

love his cheeks in the first one! Man I need to see all you guys again! : )