{a do-it-yourself tutorial}


because we have a glass coffee table, it's extremely difficult to keep clean of fingerprints and crumbs. not to mention the sound of setting a glass cup on a glass counter drives me mad. thus, seeing as we could find no acceptable coasters ANYWHERE (i.e., all coasters we found had wine grapes on them or something oddly similar), i made my own. we bought cork coasters, and i covered the existing design.

1. buy a set of cork or wooden coasters, scrapbooking paper, a paintbrush, and gel medium. (if you don't have gel medium, simply water down elmer's glue.)
2. peel off the existing design, if possible.
3. cut squares/circles the exact size of the coasters out of four different but matching scrapbook papers.
4. paint glue on the coaster, affix the paper, and paint glue over the top as well. try to keep all bubbles out, and paint the glue in the same direction.
5. voilĂ ! let it dry for a few hours, and then you have waterproof coasters!


Alie Jones said...

i think it works now!

Courtney said...

Very cool Alie! Cute idea.