don't you just wish your house could be this organized?

I get a Martha Stewart organizing tip in my email everyday, and today's was jackpot. So many wonderful ideas I can't wait to try out in my own home someday!

S hooks attached to a towel rack make the perfect pan storage:

And for the lids, simply use a wooden peg rack. (Why don't I think of these great ideas?!)

This one is my favorite: empty paint cans as mail holders/cubbies. Genius!
{Line up as many cans as will fit on the shelf. Working from one end of the row, attach them one by one: Cut Velcro strips slightly shorter than the length of the cans. Peel backing from one side and apply strip to a can; remove backing from other side and affix to shelf in desired spot. Center and adhere labels to front edge of shelf beneath cans.}

A ready-made plate rack as a shelf in a kid's bedroom.

And an ├╝ber-organized medicine/bathroom cabinet. Sheet metal fit in the back makes everything magnetic!
{Make the most of a tight space with these easy tricks. Have galvanized metal cut to fit the back of the cabinet and inside the door. Adhere metal with caulk. (If your mirror has clips, loosen them, and slide the metal behind them.) Attach magnetized hooks, a notepad holder for brushes and combs, and spice canisters for hair elastics and barrettes. Group like items in votive holders and small acrylic boxes; double surface space with acrylic risers.}

I really can't wait til Tyler & I have a house of our own and I can hopefully try out some of these tricks. Right now it all seems ideal, but I'm determined to live in an orderly, organized home.


kwistin said...

Agh! Alie, I love this! Maybe you should forward those e-mails to me... ;)

Lauren said...

NO way that's a real cabinet in a real bathroom.

Courtney said...

If only we could make it look that pretty when we try it out ourselves or when the 2 year old helps put away the books.