21 on the 20th of June

For my birthday yesterday, Tyler made everything super secretive. He made me breakfast (yum!) and then we went out the door to run errands (i.e., go to the grocery store). Apparently running to the grocery store meant hopping on the freeway, with me really confused as to where the heck we were going!

Surprise! We arrived at Ikea. I love Ikea.

We got a new couch! HOORAY! I'm really excited because we've started planning things we buy around having a family, so we got a nice leather couch so it would be kid-proof for years to come. And we also got a kid-proof coffee table. I love Ikea...everything cheap and reliable, but always keeps that modern but homely type of feel. It's pretty much the perfect decorating store for our budget and our style.

We also go rained out last week when we went to an outdoor theater to see Beauty and the Beast. Luckily they let us use our tickets at anytime to go see it again, so we went last night on my birthday. It was awesome! We loved it! Our friends Alex & Kami and Kristin & Zach met us there as well. We all had a lot of fun. We were worried that it was going to rain again because it had been raining ALL day (pouring, actually), and it rained up until about twenty minutes before the show was supposed to start. Luckily it was clear, blue skies by 8pm!

Thank you, love! Everything was perfect and I loved spending the whole day with you. :)

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