I was rushing to wrap one of Tyler's birthday presents yesterday afternoon, and decided instead of driving all the way to Walmart or Target to get wrapping paper, I'd make my own for free. Tyler didn't even believe me that I made it myself. He had to inspect the package more thoroughly and find the seams of the three papers taped together to believe me!

HOW I DID IT: I used three large sheets of cover paper (80 lb. that I got from Zellerbach), probably 11x17 or somewhere around those dimensions. I took my alphabet stamps and stamped each letter one-by-one on rows on the paper. It did take an hour and a half, but I love how it turned out. I got the hang of it pretty quickly so the last two sheets went faster. Then I taped them together to cover the present, and wrapped it up with some red rafia. I love rafia...so many uses! (I tried red ribbon, but it was too bold. I wanted the focus to be on the wrapping, and not so much the bow.)

Happy birthday, Mr. Jones! I can't wait to see what's inside. ;)


Courtney said...

What a cute idea. Another wrapping paper idea is to use a map (you know like the fold up kind you can get free from AAA)

Alie said...

oh! very good idea. I'll have to start collecting maps.