Happy Birthday, Morgan! (And Untel Tyler!)

Yesterday afternoon I (attempted) to make a cake to celebrate Morgan's birthday. (It's also sort-of for Tyler's birthday, but I think when we come back to Provo after our trip I'm going to make him a giant, under-cooked chocolate chip cookie with ice cream on top. He'll love it.) As you can see from the picture, it really did turn out great! Except I didn't show you the detail work...I forgot to freeze the slices after I cut them, so frosting them was a nightmare. Crumbs were everywhere and huge chunks fell off and it was just a terrible experience. So the fish is teal, pink, and yellow cake colored. A lot of the sides I left unfrosted. Then, when I woke up this morning, the front of the fishie fell off completely. So the cake really was at its best when I took the above photograph.

But I don't think Morgan will mind because we have lots of M&Ms!

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