Raindrops and Romance

Raindrops kept falling on our heads yesterday...raindrops the size of lemons! Look how big these drops were! The thunder, lightning, and lemon-drop storm came and went in a matter of five minutes.

On a funnier note, this is the post-it that I found stuck to my computer monitor at work this morning:

Oh, boy...you've got to watch out for those church boys. (There is a ward that meets in here on Sundays and apparently one of them wrote it.) As you can see, he left his number. I looked it up and it's a real number in Provo, Utah. So upon suggestion from Tyler, I texted him: "Joe - I'd love to go out for a night of delightful romance. Can my husband come?"

We'll see if anything comes of it!

(I apologize for it being all smeared. One of our beloved office plants is dying and I over watered it this morning, causing water to go EVERYWHERE. I killed about a third of a paper towel roll of trees trying to clean it up. I think the thing I really will never be good at is watering and keeping plants alive. How will I ever keep children alive?!)


Kim said...

Plants are fickle... try Goldfish, they've really boosted our confidence (feed once in the morning and change the water once a month) diamond just hit 18 months and should b potty trained soon.

Alie said...

We have a betta. But plants are so much prettier!!

Lauren said...

i think if your plants cried really loudly every time they were thirsty you'd remember to water them. you'll be okay.

Alicia said...

dang girl, you should have just had me pretend to be you! (remember that time we found that date flyer in the wilk and called it and it was a prank? haha)