Mission Reunion...last APRIL.

Erm...so one more post. I promise. Last one for today.

I'm going through all the photos I have on this computer and deleting them, so before I delete these ones I'll at least put them online first. I don't think I've posted these yet, but if this is a repeat, I apologize.

Waaaaaaaay back in (March? April? I think it was April.) Tyler had a mission reunion for his mission in Leon, Mexico. His mission president and his wife came all the way up from Leon to join everyone! They are both very sweet, and even though we couldn't communicate at all, I adored his mission president's wife. She is a kind-hearted, compassionate woman and I aspire to be like her.

Here are the pictures that Tyler promised to post oh-so-long ago, (and put up a fight and wouldn't let me post them because it was his reunion) and never did. I've given up and am posting them myself.

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