Music Picks

I promised Courtney I'd post a blog about music and keep you all up-to-date with the music I listen to...so you can be cool too.

Alie's Picks:
Don't Trust Me — 3OH!3
Rockin' the Beer Gut — Trailer Choir
Wild at Heart — Gloriana
Fire Burning — Sean Kingston
Hicktown — Jason Aldean
Where I'm From — Jason Michael Caroll
Big Green Tractor — Jason Aldean
The Call — Regina Spektor
Fidelity — Regina Spektor
On the Radio — Regina Spektor
Alleycat — Sherwood
She Moves in Her Own Way — The Kooks

I've Got a Feelin' — Black-Eyed Peas
Down in Podunk — Keith Anderson

Tyler's Picks (Here's a link to his playlist)
Uprising — Muse
I Want You To — Weezer
The Calculation — Regina Spektor
Dig — Incubus
Just Dance — Lady Gaga featuring Colby Odonis
The Fixer — Pearl Jam
Shine — Take That
Real World — All-American Rejects
From Heads Unworthy — Rise Against
Jump — Flo Rida
Peacemaker — Greenday

I'm sure there are a ton more that I can't think of right now, so I'll have to update this again soon. Have fun!


1 comment:

Linze Kate said...

Anything by Regina Spektor = genius.

I like 95% of your pics. The other 5% I am not familiar with... In other words, good job at listening to good music.

P.S. It was good to see you yesterday!