For our one-year anniversary, Tyler made me dinner, with candlelights and everything. It was very romantic. :) We drank Jones Soda (which is quite appropriate) and ate chicken parmesan and spaghetti. Yum. I made Tyler this for our anniversary:

I'm planning on getting it printed and framed in a tall, black frame, but we need to find one first.
And...I forgot to take a picture of us until right before I headed into bed, so here's Tyler and I (sans makeup...ick.) at about 11:30pm on our anniversary.

p.s. Thank you, Tyler, for crossing off the "have a romantic candlelit dinner" off my lifetime to do list!


Alicia said...

I love the story you wrote out! It looks awesome. I'm glad that I'm credited with getting you two to meet. : ) When are you going to help me meet my husband?

Holla said...
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