Magazine Redesign

I need help. A or B?

Here's option A:

And here's B:


(and for those of you who can't tell the difference between the two, sad! it's the headline.)


kwistin said...

hmm. i'm usually a sans-serif kind of gal, but i'm diggin' option a. i think those serifs add a little bit of friendliness. option b is more institutional-feeling, which isn't as "home-y" in my opinion. i also like how option a draws your eyes to the subtitle. it's also more unique, i think. then again, i like the shape option b makes with the subtitle.

a lot of help i am, huh? =P

i'm excited to see it complete :)

Bridget said...

I am all about option b. The serif is nice, but i don't know how well i like it with the image...and sans-seems more universal, especially because this is a magazine cover and they most likely would keep the font the same on each issue.

anyway, what i also really like is the shape of the subheading on b. and i like the shape of the april 2010 and dwell.com on the bottom of a.

great color choices.

Courtney said...

I can't tell you the difference between the two, BUT I was drawn to B almost immediately. So I say a definite B.

Lauren's blog said...

Option A. It looks more gentle and inviting, something appropriate for this type of magazine. Option B (although it's quite different) reminds me of the "dell" computer labels.
Cute layout though for a magazine!

Tyler & Robyn said...

Well, in my highly valued expert opinion (yeah right!) I'm drawn to option A. Can't explain it, but it's more inviting than B.

Kim said...

Def B- I love the way the simple lines compliment the architecture. With A it looks a little like the styles are competing.

I also love the size of B's subhead- I think it makes better use of the white space.

Lindsay said...

A. No explanation needed.