I have struck gold.
 And I'd like to share my riches with you.

I came across a beautiful website that features a new ampersand (the '&' symbol) everyday. With a link to download the font. Oh hooray. I'm giddy in my seat just thinking about it.

PLUS....this site. The League of Moveable Type. I'd love to join. I'm all about free beautiful fonts. But I don't make any myself, unfortunately. At least none that would qualify to join. :)

So eat up. Good typography is everything.


kwistin said...

my, what a lovely find! thanks for sharing. i love that you and i can totally geek out over typography. it takes an awesome sort of person to enjoy things like that.... :)

Courtney said...

Don't Worry, we're saving the chickens for you guys. Mom and Dad have gotten quite fond of the ladies. congratulations on the internship.