How to Cook Steak in an Oven

Last night for dinner I made Tyler top sirloin, potatoes, and asparagus, served with french bread. YUM. Tyler and I love to eat steak, but it's really hard to cook if you don't have a grill and it's 32 degrees outside. But my good luck chimed in and just in time this email popped into my inbox titled "How to cook steak in the oven". Perfect!
We tried it, and it was EXCELLENT. No burnt edges, and our kitchen didn't smoke up the whole house like it normally does. We did have to cook it a bit longer under the broiler though because our steak was pretty thick.
Directions here.

And while we were at Sunflower Market, I spotted this goof. Can anyone tell me what is wrong with this picture? (Besides Tyler's hair—don't worry, we got it cut that same afternoon)


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Yep! I forgot to tell them though...