A little update on the Jones Family

Sorry it's been a while since I've posted! Life has been a little crazy around here.

Hmm...where should I start? Tyler and I saw Alice in Wonderland and LOVED it. The music and makeup and costumes were fabulous! We've both been busy with homework, and can't wait until the semester is over. I've made two books in my bookbinding class so far (I should take pictures and post those someday...) and am working on a third! We sold our housing contract, and will be moving into another apartment in May. (It's really hard to sell your contract in the middle of June...almost impossible. No one is around. So we sold ours and will live somewhere else for a month or two.) Luckily we found a small, cheap apartment that we could lease just for May and June! We'll both work 40 hours a week during May, and then in the middle of June Tyler and I will be heading down to San Diego because Tyler will be working for KPMG! The competition for that internship was really tough. I'm so proud of him! We're both really excited to spend most of the summer in San Diego (we'll be living with my parents and my younger sister). I really can't wait for the warm weather and sunshine!

Here's a sneak peak of an ABC poster I'm working on. It's far from finished, but here it is:
Life is great for us. I've been a little sick off and on, but other than that, things are going well!


The Boring Family said...

I want to hang that ABC poster in my girls' room! So cute!

lizzy said...

Hooray! You're so talented!