ABC Dilemma

Oh boy it's been a while since I've posted! Sorry about that...I've been really sick lately, and now finals have come.

Anything interesting happen to the Joneses? Nope. Wait...actually, yes. We won a family-size George Foreman grill at a banquet for nerdy people in Tyler's major.  That was exciting. And Tyler has kicked butt at his soccer games lately. And the weather was a perfect 71 degrees today!

But I need your help. As you may or may not know, I'm making an Alphabet poster and Alphabet flashcards for my design class. My teacher said the only thing missing is a clever name. So help me out here (all five readers of our blog!) and come up with a clever title for my poster. If you come up with a REALLY good name and I pick it, I'll print out a poster for you for free. :)

(I can't guarantee that I'll choose one of your suggestions, but if I do, you're a rockstar!)


lizzy said...

"The Animal Alphabet"
"Critter Cards"*my fave or "Creature Cards"..."ABC Critter Cards?" Something like that.
"A-B-C's with the Sea-Hors-ies" (i just wrote it out like you'd say it...you'd have to show it with the s with the picture of the sea-horse by it or it wouldn't make no sense...)

Good luck!! Let me know if you want more options! I'm on a roll!

Courtney said...

Why does it need a name? Does the poster have to have a title on top or just to call it something? I love the poster and those cards are so cool! Way to go!

Courtney said...

How about "Alie's Zanie Zoo"?

Kim said...

They're not very creative, but you could do Animals A-Z or Alligator-Zebra.

Anonymous said...

How about "Animal Zoo and ABC's too!"... ok not that creative but I tried!