Nursery DIY

Friends, I am so excited.

I've come up with the perfect solution to decorating our baby room on a strict budget - make my own crib sheets! Now why didn't I think of that before??

When it comes to decorating, I'm generally geared towards simplicity and bright accent colors, but unfortunately I am finding out that 99% of baby items are pastel - pink, blue, and yellow. Everything has teddy bears and hearts on it. It kind of makes me want to throw up in my mouth a little. I've found modern baby gear, but it's sooo expensive! So I've finally come up with a solution to make my own things, such as onesies, blankets, and crib sheets. (But I bet my family is groaning as they read this because I tend to enlist their help with my sewing projects. I'm an extremely incompetent sewer - even though I took sewing classes in middle school - and when I outsource to my family for help, they usually end up doing the bulk of the work for me. At least I will admit I don't ever plan on it ending up that way...)

Mom said I'll probably need about three or four sheets and then some blankets (instead of an over-decorated, frilly crib bedding set), so instead of spending loads of money and buying something ugly, she will help me make my own this summer! Each sheet takes two yards of fabric and 80 inches of 1/4" elastic.

The tutorial I found seems idiot-proof. I've included the link below if anyone wants to give it a go!

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Courtney said...

A few things I have learned.
First, of all I have found crib sheets for like $2 at Kid to Kid and they were brand new.
Second, if you do make your own, don't use flannel, it has a tendency of ripping at the seams.
Good luck.