You can just call it "It" for now

Won't it be exciting for Baby to finally have a name? We'll find out June 1st. :) I honestly don't know how people wait to find out the gender of their baby. If something that significant is growing inside of me, I want to be able to connect with it, instead of just calling it "it" or "baby" for nine months! My visiting teaching partner waited to find out the gender with both of her children. I admire her patience, but it is already driving me crazy not knowing!

Tyler and I love reading about how big Baby is each week. We've got a book that compares Baby to a different thing (usually a fruit or a vegetable) each week. I hadn't been keeping track lately since we moved, but I swear Baby was the size of a kidney bean a few weeks ago. Tomorrow I am 15 weeks (!!), and Baby is the size of an apple, about four inches long! Holy cow!

Another exciting thing is how fast my belly has "popped out". Just two weeks ago, you would have no idea I was pregnant. As of last week, I permanently look like I ate six burritos for lunch! Luckily all of my pants still fit (below my belly, anyway) but my tees are getting a little tighter. I expected it to be this way, but I really just feel like I'm fat - like I've gained ten pounds and it all went to my middle section. Hopefully I'll get a little rounder (as in you-can-definitely-tell-I've-got-a-baby-in-my-belly rounder) soon so I won't be stuck in this in-between phase for too long.

I am feeling pretty good right now, but I've definitely had my ups and downs these past few weeks. I don't know if I was sicker than most or just average. I don't have much to compare it to. However, my mom pointed out that I have had my fair share of stomach problems growing up (name a place and I've probably hurled there once or twice in my life). I've always had really bad motion sickness, and have just gotten sick easily. So maybe I was able to deal with nausea better, but then again, it was pretty bad. Last Wednesday night Tyler had to take me to the hospital because I couldn't keep anything down. I threw up about eight times in two hours, and couldn't even keep water or a few licks of a popsicle down. Luckily, the nurses took pity on me and gave me a shot AND a pill for nausea. I instantly felt so much better - it was amazing! Tyler and I then went to fill the prescription (which is actually for chemotherapy nausea - pretty strong stuff), and Walgreens told us one of them was going to cost over $400! Youch. My jaw dropped and we left baffled. I tried the BYU Health Center the next morning, hoping I could get some financial aid or something, and the same prescription from BYU cost me $13. That's a 97% savings! So I've been feeling much better with the help of my two medicines. Now I know to ask for medicine earlier next time and my life will be much less miserable. :)

Anyway, things are going well! I am counting down the days until we get to go to San Diego for the rest of the summer! I'd post pictures for you, but unfortunately I have lost my camera charger in our move, and my camera battery happens to be dead. It's on my to do list. I'll find it soon. :)

P.S. Has anyone used belly bands? I'm thinking of getting one soon so I can keep wearing my old jeans...


Anonymous said...

Bella Bands Are AMAZING!!! I strongly reccommend them! I wore one with Jacob everyday! Try to get the actual Brand, I bought a second one on ebay for cheap and it was not the elasticy spandex like my amazing black one and didn't work as well. I feel your pain in many ways, that awkward chub stage... I was there until 7 months with Elaena!!! I didn't pop out until almost 8 weeks before I was due. I was also very very sick with her but Jacob on the other hand, I was huge, not that sick and popped out early and looked (and had so many commments I wanted to become violent) on how I was ready to pop any day and I still had like 12 weeks to go but hey genes may work to your favor as I only gained 13 lbs with both Kids. And I believe Kenzie (correct me if I am wrong) lost weight! But I feel your pain hopefully it will ease!!

Alicia said...

Wow, it's still weird to hear about you being pregnant. But very exciting : ). Also I started a blog... http://aliciaraemfhd.blogspot.com/ if you would like to read it : )

Blaine said...

My sister in law wore one and said she loved it. Nothing's better than jeans that fit normally, but she said that it was a lot better than Maternity pants.