21 Weeks

Many of you have requested belly shots, so here they are! Not the best (it's actually quite difficult to do by yourself with low-lighting so the ISO is way up and they are grainy - sorry) but here they are! 
I think it all depends on the shirt I wear whether or not I look pregnant. I'm wearing a downeast basics black tee in this picture from before I got pregnant, so it's a little tight but it shows my belly better. :)

I got two new maternity shirts for my birthday! Kind of strange when you're excited to get maternity shirts for your 22nd birthday, eh? I'm still wearing my old jeans (see above), which is really nice. I just keep them low below my belly and they fit really nicely, although the legs are quite baggy now. (I think when I was sick I lost weight in my thighs or something because all of my jeans are baggy in the butt and thighs now.)

It's really fun because as time goes on I can feel Jack move more and more. It's kind of an odd feeling though - it started out feeling like an upset stomach (a little queasy - like motion sickness but below your belly) but now his little kicks are becoming more prominent. I try to let Tyler feel them as often as I can, but I have a hard time distinguishing what I can feel on the outside versus what I feel on the inside.

And just for kicks...this week Jack is about 12oz (3/4 of a pound) and the length of a carrot!


Alicia said...

Oh my goodness, you totally have a baby bump! You look really cute and I wish I could see you in person. Haha, at first I was thinking he was the length of a baby carrot...

Stephanie said...

You're such a cute pregnant lady! You're so thin everywhere but your little baby bump. I love it!

kpcurtis said...

You look adorable! By the way the Root Beer cookies were a hit! Thanks,