Ben & Jerry's

My Dad's line of work as a Chevron station owner is usually pretty fun for us kids. Free soda, icees, carwashes...and this time free Ben & Jerry's.

It's not exactly a good thing, but a few weeks ago Dad got a phone call from the station at 2am and the freezer was broken. Because a repairman isn't available at 2 in the morning, all the ice cream melted and other frozen things started thawing out. Luckily he was able to save everything but the ice cream, which meant dozens and dozens of pints to take home! 

The ice cream wasn't perfect (a tiny bit crystally from refreezing it - that's why he couldn't sell it again) but still so so good! I've never had Ben & Jerry's (never wanted to splurge for the good stuff I guess) but many of the flavors are quite tasty!

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Linze Kate said...

You never had B&J's!? Girl... welcome to greater thighs - by greater I mean in size. Haha! Seriously, the best... It was mine and my roommates break-up ice cream brand... classic.