Nesting - Jack's Nursery

Jack's nursery has come so far in the past week! I made a bunting for his wall (see above) using scrapbook paper and cardstock, got a $12 rocking chair off craigslist, I painted the balls on his crib, and I organized his bookshelf! Go me! Now we're just waiting for his dresser (my parents will bring it sometime within the next month or two) and curtains for the window. I bought teal sheets to make window curtains out of. This little guy's room is fantastic and so much cooler than I expected it ever to be. I'm happy with the color scheme and the un-matchyness of it all. What do you guys think?


Tyler & Robyn said...

I love it! It looks way cute! The polka dots are absolutely adorable and I like how your handmade J block turned out! Jack is a lucky boy!

Becca said...

Such a cute nursery! I love your crib!