Baby Calendar

 image via NoellesCreations
After much thought and discussion, Tyler and I decided to document Jack's first year of life we'd like to do a baby calendar. You know, keep track of his first poop and first giggle and whatnot. I would love to make my own, but alas I have no idea what goes in it, exactly. So this time around, I think we will end up purchasing one. Any suggestions? I kind of liked the baby-ness of this one I found on Etsy. (And believe me - my family will tell you it is very rare for me to like cutesy things! I found this one was kind of vintage though, with its softer colors and simpler illustrations.)


Another thing I heard about the other day was a father who wrote one thing about his son every day of his son's life. Whether it was just jotting down a funny phrase his son said that day or an act of kindness or that he loved his son's dimples, he was consistent about it. Then, on his son's 18th birthday (or when he went off to college maybe?) he presented the book to his son. How neat is that?! 

I am not normally the sentimental type, but I think that's a really neat idea to do for all of our kids, and I have just the book to do it with. (It's a coptic-bound book I made in my bookbinding class last winter.) I'm going to try to do this with baby Jack. I think I might start early (how about tonight?) to form a habit before he is born. Maybe Tyler will even do it with me. I hope I can pull it off. My sister Courtney told me that even if I do it off and on and I don't fit every-single-day in there, it'll still be neat. 


Lauren said...

my friend's mom did this with letters -- a letter a day every day of her life. i think most of them were short ("dear daughter, today when you were smiling i noticed that i just love your dimples. love, mom") but my friend love love loved the collection. i think it would be a neat part of your day (for the next 25(?) years!!!!). go momma alie!!

Annah said...

Most people never do this. It will be a beautiful gift :)