(Ginos) Family Pictures

This past weekend was extremely special for my family. My sister Logan (the youngest) received her endowment in the Logan temple, in preparation for her mission this November. My entire family (siblings + spouses + grandparents + a couple of friends and cousins) was able to be inside the temple together. It was by far one of the neatest experiences of my life, for all of us to be worthy to attend the temple together. We haven't been together as an entire family since our wedding in December 2008 - almost two years ago - and we probably won't be together for several more years.

We snapped a few casual family photos on Saturday. Definitely nothing special, as we used my point & shoot camera. The lighting bothers me (it's really uneven with all the shadows cast) but no one else cared enough to do anything about it so here's what we ended up with!

Brandon & Mindy Ginos (+ Elaena, Jacob & baby #3)

Rich & Courtney Montierth (+ Afton, Madeline, Ben, & unborn Ethan)

Brian & Mackenzie Boring (+ Morgan & Sadie)

Tyler & Alie Jones (+ unborn baby Jack) (!!!!)

All the cousins with their grandparents

The kids with their daddies

dogpile on grandpa!

Thanks to everyone (especially the Montierths for sharing their home all weekend!) for a great weekend!

And HAPPY ANNIVERSARY Mom and Dad! Look what great, eternal joy 30 years of marriage can bring to a family. :)

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kwistin said...

Oh, fun! I love family gatherings. So glad you were all able to get together. And Alie...you're such an adorable pregnant lady!!