Baby Shower

My good friends Lindsay and Erin planned a baby shower for me! We had it at our apartment on Thursday and it was lots of fun!

The food was sooo yummy (fresh, vibrantly red strawberries with a fluffy strawberry dip, chicken salad croissants, made-from-scratch cupcakes, and white grape juice with a selection of berries in it). We played the guess-what-kind-of-baby-food-this-is game (I got zero right) and a game where we had to write down names of baby animals (did you know a platypus baby is called a puggle?). And we talked. Girls love to talk. :)

I'm not a great picture taker (especially since in the last few months my camera has decided to take grainy, awful pictures! Is it on its last leg now?!) but here are some highlights:

 I sent everyone home with caramel corn - perfect for the fall season, eh?

 My friend Lexi owns her own floral business, and she is amazingly talented! She brought me over two (!!) giant bouquets of the most gorgeous flowers. I love having fresh flowers in our home - it instantly brightens my day.

I received some really fun baby gifts (moccasins, anyone?) and am so glad I had the opportunity to see everyone again! Thanks for a great time! :)

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