Mission Reunion

 (President Cox, Tyler, and Sister Cox)

 (Tyler and President Cox)

 (Tyler, President Cox, and me - 9 months pregnant)

Tyler had a mission reunion last night, and it was held at Rio Tinto Stadium (where Real Salt Lake plays). (And I know there are plenty of you who are still confused - Real Salt Lake is a soccer team.) It was held in the Club room, which was super nice! I have been in a few club rooms before (I think I went to the SDSU one with Mom and Dad for a Chevron thing, and when I worked for BYU Catering we catered lots of events in BYU's) but this one was different. The floors were a gorgeous dark hardwood, and there was a large deck that overlooked the stadium. It was phenomenal - one of the cooler places to hold a mission reunion.

Anyway, most of it involved Tyler "reuniting" with old buddies, so it was boring and uneventful for me. But I "reunited" with a few wives throughout the night as well. The whole night would have been much more bearable had we a) eaten dinner first (Tyler and Josh, our carpool buddy, didn't read the invitation entirely, and supposed there would be dinner. There was not, which made for two unhappy wives.), and b) if Jack had stayed off of my hip nerve which made it painful to stand the entire time.

But we had a good time. President Cox and his wife were very talkative (English too! President Martinez only spoke Spanish) and friendly.

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