Baby Jack

 What can I say? This little boy really loves his daddy. :) When he's a little bit agitated or restless, Tyler can calm him down immediately.

Not exactly the best photo (I'm extremely swollen if you can't tell), but we realized a little too late that we didn't have any "family" photos!

 Again, I look like I am ready to pass out or something (I swear I felt fine), but I couldn't resist snapping this photo. Look at those little hands peering over the blanket! Precious!!

This is our favorite blanket (and sleeper) to wrap him in - thanks Mom! They are the perfect size for tiny Jack, and both are incredibly warm and cozy.

Precious, sweet baby Jack. We really couldn't ask for a better baby! He is quiet and sleepy most of the time right now, but when he is awake his eyes are full of curiosity and love. I'll try to snap more photos of him while he's awake tonight. Right now he's a little backwards with time and likes to keep Mommy on her toes all night long!


Lindsay said...

Oh my gosh, I have been checking every day to see if there were new picture of Jack! Soooooooo adorable! I love him! Me, Matt and Erin are gonna come Saturday night, I think.

Stephanie said...

He's so darling! Congratulations!

Mitchell and Kadi Heath said...

Congratulations Allie! He's absolutely darling! :)

gbrooks said...

Congratulations! He is darling! I forgot the "family" picture too, but I looked terrible and didn't share it with anyone. You look great! Enjoy your new adventure. I kind of wish we still lived in #11 so I could come snuggle a wee one again. I'll just have to wait until SD I guess.