The Bean Museum

There's a museum here in Provo called the "Bean" museum. And it's full of stuffed animals.

No, seriously. Taxidermy, friends. The Monte L. Bean Life Science Museum is located on BYU campus, and is open (& free!) to visitors Monday - Saturday. My sister loves bringing her small kids here. There are thousands of animals to see and learn about, and today we met my sister and her family there and looked around for a bit.

One of my favorite animals there is Shasta the Liger — yes, ligers do exist! 

I love this butterfly exhibit. Those are real butterflies! At first it's a little sad to see them pinned up there, but it's so breathtakingly beautiful you get over that really quick. :) You absolutely have to see it in person. It's amazing.

And last but not least, we couldn't resist taking a photo with Jack dressed as a bear...next to a bear. Classic.

(all photos, except the one above, courtesy of the Bean museum website.)

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