2 Years!

the night we got officially engaged
Happy Anniversary to Tyler and I! I can't believe it's already been two years. 

I've had so much fun this past year as our life has changed drastically. I got pregnant, we moved 3 times, we spent the summer internship living with my parents in San Diego, Tyler accepted a job offer for next year, we had a baby, I graduated ... geez, when I list it like that I really see that so much has happened! Each year of marriage just gets better and better.

Tonight we are stopping by Ikea, and then heading to Temple Square to see the Christmas lights. (We'll get little Jack all dressed up in his bear suit so he can stay warm!) We might go out for a light dinner there, but we hope to go to a fancier restaurant while we're in San Diego for the winter break.

My relationship with Tyler is the very best thing in my life. Period. 
I really couldn't ask for more. I love you, Tyler Shaw Jones.

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