Christmas Stockings

This year we decided to get Christmas stockings. My parents are collecting all five kids' stockings to hang in their home since we have all begun to branch out and start our own family lines of stockings. That leaves me and baby Jack stocking-less. Still haven't purchased any quite yet, but there are several runners up. Here are my two favorite styles:
from Crate&Barrel
from Target

I'm really not one for showy Christmas stockings. If I have to hang them in my house every year for the rest of my life, I better like them! I am very simplistic with most everything, and like plain, simple patterns. Or solid colors with no pattern at all. (Remember Jack's nursery? I bet some people think it is plain and boring, but I don't like that every.sing.bit of baby anything is decked out in television characters. I won't give in! I don't care for licensed characters (anything Spongebob, Disney, Dora the Explorer, etc.) so our kids will probably never own light-up Bob the Builder sneakers or a Hello Kitty tshirt. I just think it's kind of tacky I guess. So why should it be any different with stockings?)
(Funny story: as we were talking about how many to get, I decided on five. Three kids sounds nice, no? Tyler then pitched a little fit and said, "Seven! Remember, we agreed on three to five kids, not just three! Actually, we should get eight stockings, just in case the last two kids are twins." Oh boy. Looks like we have a little bit to discuss, eh?)


Mackenzie said...

My kids won't be wearing Dora Shoes or Elmo sweatshirts, either. NOT a fan. As far as the stocking dilemma--you also have to consider if everyone has a different color (like I want boy and girl colors, plus mom and dad have their own color. So, likely, we'll have only 2 colors hanging). My best advice is pick "something" cute, but not too pricey (think day after Christmas sale), until you're done having kids. Then, find something you like and get them for everyone.

Tyler & Robyn said...

You should make your own stockings! I'm going to try making them; then you can just make more stockings as the kids come. There's lots of patterns for making them online, and it's cheap too!

Courtney said...

I wouldn't set anything in stone yet- It took Rich and I 5 years to finally nail down our family stockings, and I know Mackenzie is getting hers down now too... so jsut wait a few years... do something inexpensive now (like $10 from Target)and think on it for a few more years.

Rhiona Ward said...

hahaha! i have no children just yet, but had this very same discussion with my husband...in the middle of the christmas section at target just a few weeks ago. we wanted to get 3 (our spoiled dog needs one too!) of the target stockings you have above, but wait, what if we have a kid by next christmas?! double wait, what if it's actually twins?! triplets?! what if i just can't stop having babies because they're too cute! things must match in our household and i didn't want to be the weird person buying 8 or more stockings :) plus, that'd be close to $100. we decided to just get cheap, yet classic, red and white dollar tree stockings for now. it's really a stressful topic in our house. we aviod it all costs ;)