(Don't) Let it Snow

Yesterday I wore a light jacket, jeans, and flip flops. It was a nice 45 degrees outside. Today I woke up to this:

I can't say it's not beautiful, but I just hate living in it. I hate walking in it and driving in it. I hate the fact that I have to get on shoes (not flip flops or flats) and a big jacket to go get the mail. And that I might slip on some ice before arriving at my destination. It really is just too much for me to handle!

Oh, bother. But kudos to the guy with the 4-wheeler that is cleaning off some of the sidewalks. Thanks, man.


Tyler said...

Umm... that is me that has been cleaning off our staircase and the walkway to the back.

taggartfamily said...

Omg I feel the same way. Its like it is so gorgeous butt please let me look at it on a postcard not in my front yard!

D said...

That must have been the day it was 85deg here. Gotta love San Diego!

The Boring Family said...

Gee, it hit 70 degrees on Tuesday and yet ANOTHER storm coming from Utah diverted AWAY from Denver! We have a few (and I mean very few) flakes on the lawn from what was supposed to be 3-6" last night! I think Utah's just getting all the bad luck this winter!