Update on the Jones Family

Wow, it's been a while! Our holiday was long and restful (for the most part). We drove to Southern California for the break and it was fabulous. When we first got there we really didn't see what all the fuss was about because the place looks beautiful! Everything was a bright spring green, so why was everyone complaining about all the rain? Then a week later we got caught in a horrendous rain storm driving through L.A., and we realized while everything around us was beautiful, maybe it wasn't so worth it after all. We hit some pretty bad weather on our trip, but luckily we kept safe.

Here is a picture of our new little family on Christmas day:
See all the ornaments on my mom's tree? Now do you see what I'm talking about when I say she has a million of them? See how loaded that garland is? She's got about three more of those throughout the rest of the house.

We also stopped by Bakersfield and visited Tyler's family for a couple of days. His brother Trevor spoils baby Jack and bought him this cute little shirt:
He crossed out the words "Dad" and wrote "Uncle" to read "My Uncle Rocks".  CUTE! :)
 We also snapped a shot with Tyler's very old friend Molly. She is really sweet but getting very old. She's been in the family almost fifteen years!

My mom fell asleep with Jack on the couch. Oh, how Jack loves to cuddle. He'll cuddle with pretty much anyone.

 Jack was so cute in his swing today! I didn't capture it, but he made sure to give a big grin to the little bears on the mobile hanging above him.

Jack was surprisingly good on the car trips. He never cried until the last 20-30 minutes, and that was only because he was hungry and we were trying to hold him off til we reached our destination. I just feel bad putting him in his car seat now because he's practically lived in it for the past two weeks!

He didn't sleep so well on the trip though. Right before we left he was averaging 7-8 hours a night, but during the trip he was all over the place! One night he made it to ten-and-a-half hours (lucky Tyler - it was his turn to feed him that night!) but most of the time it was 4-6. But the past two nights he's been averaging about 8, so it's getting much, much better already. He really got spoiled the entire trip, and it's been a little difficult breaking him out of that, but he's doing fine I think. He already lets me lay him down in his crib to go to sleep without crying, which was a difficult task in California. I think he was just scared and didn't recognize anything around him, so it made bedtime (and naptimes) particularly hard.

We're a little sad to see our break over so soon, but excited that this is Tyler's last semester of school! Last semester was technically my last semester, but I'm not sure if I'm going to "walk" or not yet. We'll see, but it is nice to finally be done with school!

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