A few tips

Hey everyone! I feel like it's been forever and a day since I've blogged or been on the internet for longer than ten minutes. Kind of refreshing, kind of not. My precious Macbook Pro laptop broke (for good), and instead of getting a quick fix done on it I'm upgrading to a bigger and better computer. Faster, at least. Tyler has convinced me to get a PC (i know, i know!!) because being the computer saavy individual he is he can easily upgrade and fix it anytime he wants. Apple, on the other hand, would require taking my computer into the Apple store and paying upwards of $300 each time I needed it fixed. So when I have a husband who can fix it for next to nothing, I might as well take advantage of it, right? And by Tyler building me a PC, I get to upgrade to Adobe CS5. I've been behind, stuck on CS3, but a few new features on CS5 should make it all worth it.

I've got two easy tips for you today, and both are from my sister Courtney. The first one will help all you mommies out there who have experienced "blow outs". A blow out at our house usually means that Jack is in one of my favorite outfits, and he gets poop all up his back, soaking the onesie in a mustard yellow stain that will not come out in the laundry! I have tried presoaking it and scrubbing it in the sink with a toothbrush, but nothing worked. The stain was still there. So I remembered what Courtney told me and I laid it out in the sun for an hour or so to dry. The sun bleaches the stain out perfectly! See the above picture? There was a huge yellow stain there but the sun bleached it out. I love natural remedies!

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My second tip is for the kitchen. You can keep green onions for months at a time. Just trim off what you need and stick the rest in a jar with water, and place it on the windowsill. The green onions will continue to grow and you can keep cutting them as you need to!

I'll try to post a little more this week (I've got a cute video of Jack giggling that everyone has been asking for) but as I don't have a computer during the day, I am limited. I only get to sneak a few minutes here and there when Tyler isn't doing homework. I'll be back though, I promise!


Jessi Pierce said...

Come over and use our computer! It's on all day, and I hardly use it after I'm done blogging in the morning or checking email. :)

kendle sue said...

i just have to tell you... i love all of your little tips, they are my favorite! i'm totally gonna try the green onion thing! thanks! :)