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Valentine's Day isn't my favorite holiday. It's too filled with cheesiness for me. Stuffed singing teddy bears, overpriced cliche roses, and chalk-tasting conversation hearts that make me want to throw up a little just aren't my thing. 

But I love valentines. I am an avid letter writer, and the idea of getting to send dozens to the people you love just makes me all giddy inside. Plus I can't wait to design classy valentines for my kids one day. :)

Have you made a valentine's day card for that special someone yet? I spent all morning on mine and I'd like to share it with you. This card captures exactly how I feel about Tyler. You even get to print your own copy out if you'd like. (Don't worry. Hubby Tyler has already received this card so this shouldn't be a surprise for him.)

Just click on the images below and print away! The first is the front of the card. Print this out and feed it through your printer again to print the second image, which is the inside of the card.

What are you all doing for Valentine's Day? I think we're going to hit up a casual dinner on Friday or Saturday night. We typically don't do much, although last year Tyler surprised me with a fantastic romantic candlelit dinner. It was lovely!

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