Baby Oatmeal

Jack was more interested in this new thing around his neck - the bib - rather than the actual oatmeal.

Anyone ever tried baby oatmeal? It definitely doesn't have the consistency of grown-up oatmeal (it actually looks a bit like glitter), and tastes like papier-mâché. I've got firsthand experience - I tried it on Sunday morning. YUCK. (No wonder Jack has a hard time eating it! "Give me some of that rich and creamy chocolate cheesecake instead, Momma.")

I don't know if we'll try oatmeal again anytime soon. He's been reaching and grabbing stuff (food too - I swear, he was eyeing that chocolate cheesecake!) but I don't know if I want to deal with solids yet. Can my baby stay a baby just a wee bit longer? But then again, I can't wait until he sits up so we can put him in his real high chair, which looks like this:
or it actually might look like this:

I can't remember which color it is. Nonetheless I am excited!

Here is Jack gobbling (okay, maybe not gobbling, more like lapping? smacking?) up the oatmeal:

He had his 4-month appointment today and is 50th in height and head circumference and 75th in weight. 

First of all I think he is 1/2" taller than they measured him, and secondly there is no way this kiddo could be only 50th percentile in height! He grew out of his 3-6 month footed pajamas weeks ago and is snuggly in his 6-9 month footsies. 

Huh. Are baby clothes (of all different brands, might I add) conspiring against the tall kiddos? 

[And p.s. this kid's got some major man-boobs growing in! It's cute and disgusting at the same time. :)]

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