I mentioned a few weeks ago that my dad is starting a new bbq business and wanted shirts made. After spending quite a long time searching for the cheapest tshirt printing place, I came across ooShirts.

Fantastic. I can't stress enough how great they were to work with. 

They have someone review your design (for free!) before you submit it. How great is that?

They also include shipping right into your order price, and guarantee that it will be on your doorstep in two weeks.

Their prices are very reasonable and I'd highly recommend them! The more tshirts you'll be printing, the price goes down.

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amelia said...

I placed an order with ooshirts and there is some very important info consumers should know - even if you sent high quality vector artwork they only use your artwork as a "reference" (their words, not mine). In my case they took vector artwork and retyped all the text with a random font that was close, but different. When I received the proof (which I was looking at on my phone, not the size of the back of a t-shirt) I was looking for things like parts of the graphic missing - not in my wildest dreams did I think I needed to get out my magnifying glass to check that the letters (which had been converted to outlines in the EPS I sent) had not been replaced with a different font! They state that the mere fact that they send a proof should indicate that they altered the art. Don't most places try to keep the art as close as possible to the way it is sent instead of making unnecessary changes? They told me they don't usually get artwork that's high quality. I'm thinking it would be a relief to get a piece of high quality art so they don't have to mess with it, but I guess they felt compelled to mess with it anyway.

Bottom line, if you use this company be sure to specifiy that getting the artwork "close" is not acceptable, scour the proof with a fine toothed comb and don't assume that even if you sent graphics that should be print ready that there won't be changes made.