Parenting Magazine: The Early Years

Remember I told you how you can buy diapers über cheap using amazon codes from the Parenting magazine? If you don't have a subscription to the Parenting Magazine, here is a link to one. (Use coupon code 7232 at checkout.) For only $4.47 for two years, you'll save a bundle in diapers! Heck, it's worth its weight in gold with just one issue!


Kim said...

oh dear- your link didn't work and I was totally going to do it. Somehow I missed your first post and I would have totally weighed in since my NY internship was advertising for huggies... but I ended up sold on the Pampers DryMax by the end, because after all, true diaper innovations are few and far between.

Alie said...

I fixed it, Kim! Thanks for the heads up.

Also, here's the link again: