Black Angus poster (free!)

We're definitely not vegetarians at our house. I'll admit that I do purposefully distance myself from thinking about the slaughter of animals so that we can live this way. In fact, I just read a book where the lady went to a slaughterhouse and I almost gave up meat. Almost. I feel really bad about killing animals, but as long as they are treated humanely I strongly believe they were put on this earth for a reason. Meat shouldn't be the main dish of every meal, but in moderation it is great.

Enough of my little soapbox. On OhDeeDoh a few days ago they shared this nursery in California. I immediately fell in love with this poster, and want one for our kitchen. It would be such a fantastic dinner party conversation piece. We'd be the talk of the town, right? I can just picture it now: Hannah, have you been over to the Jones' apartment and seen that huge cow on their wall? Weird, right?

And the best part is, I just followed this link and called up the company, and they'll send one to your house for free!! Really. Our giant cow poster is arriving in just a few weeks.

I am currently sitting at our computer desk while Jack is napping, trying hard to contain my excitement. I just don't know how I'm going to frame it. The non-framed look is in, right? Maybe if I get some cool tacks I could pull it off.

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