Sorry for that last post. And I'm mostly apologizing to the four or five people who actually came up to me and told me they fell for it. Sorry to disappoint you, friends.

I may not be posting a ton this week because poor Jack is sick with his first real cold. He is sniffly in all sorts of places and keeps snarfing. (Our favorite Tina Fey says snarfing is sneezing and farting at the same time.) We've got his room all humidified with vick's and he's drinking apple juice to stay hydrated. Lucky for me even when he's sick he still sleeps from 10pm to 7am!

We had an entire weekend filled with celebrations!

Me, Jack (5 months), Kamie, and Ari (7.5 months)

First, our dear friends the Zamoras were sealed as a family in the temple on Saturday. We celebrated with dinner at Johnny Carinos.

Second, the Zamoras blessed sweet baby Ari yesterday in church. Baby blessings always make me emotional.

Third, Jack learned how to hold his own bottle! Just the little four ounce bottles, and I don't trust him with milk yet. But he loves watered-down apple juice! (He is sick with a very bad cold and cough, and we're trying to keep him hydrated as best we can! Poor guy!)

Last but not least, the kid rolled over last night! I put him to bed, and minutes later there was a loud scream. Not his usual shrieks of boredom or silliness, but a Momma knows when something is up. So I ran into his room, and found him face down in the crib (on his belly) with one of his legs stuck in-between the bars. I wish I would have gotten a picture but instead I yelled for Tyler and we both stood there laughing at him and his precarious situation. Oh, Jack ... how we love you. He also rolled over twice this morning, letting out the same cry of "help!" when he was stuck. Silly boy.

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