I think most newlyweds (are we still newlyweds? even if we have a child?) go through a long phase where they watch seasons of tv shows. Well, we've been stuck in that phase for 2+ years now. And because of it we've discovered Community on NBC. 

It's seriously hilarious, friends.

When it first came out we watched about an episode and a half and absolutely hated it. I thought it was dumb and must have been up on my high horse thinking that attending a university was so much better than community college. I'll admit I thought the only audience for the show was actual community college attendees, and I didn't fall into that category so it was dumb.

While I might still argue the superiority of a university to a community college, at least the community college makes for a great tv sitcom. :) We've breezed through almost the entire first season and I can't wait for more!

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Holland said...

OMG TOTALLY LOVE THIS SHOW!!! It's seriously my favorite.

I'm glad to know Mike and I are not the only ones who watch TV together a lot.

SO wonderful talking to you last night!!!