Easter Chicks

I received this as an email and tried to forward this onto my family, but for some reason the photos wouldn't forward. So here it ends up, on the blog.

Adorable, no? Quoted from the email: 
"The family lives on a ranch in Durango, Colorado, and they have 900 baby chicks. Every year for Easter, they inject the eggs with food coloring, and when the chicks hatch, they are brilliant with color. She uses pink, purple, orange, green, pink, red, turquoise, etc. The chicks aren't hurt by the process, and as they grow, they return to their normal colors."

Next time my parents get chickens I'm doing this!! (My sister called and said they look like those little pompoms you buy in a bag, haha!) 

...and p.s. I found this irresistible. Tyler sent it to me from his friend Spencer.

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