Jack's First Haircut

Yesterday we hit a BIG milestone - Jack got his first haircut! I have to admit, part of me is still silently crying inside, but it had to be done. I even saved a lock of his hair for his baby journal, and I used to think only weird Mommas did that. (Tyler now classifies me as a weird momma.) 

Our dear friend Amanda did the honors. I was pleasantly surprised at how well he sat still! (Let's get real, here: I envisioned his hands flying straight up and his wee little fingers getting chopped off! Very unlikely, but it's a Momma's job to worry about these things, right?) For an almost 6-month old that doesn't know how to take directions, I'd say he did very well. He laughed and he cried as his precious locks of hair fell gracefully to the floor.

Good thing I take play-by-play pictures of nearly everything, right? Now you get to feel like you were actually there, whether you wanted to be or not:


Amanda & Jack (who was terrified of the cape, so we took it off.)
Smiling through tears


If Jack could talk, I bet he'd be saying what I was saying when I got my haircut: 

(preceded by the pouty lip) "My neck is cold."


Courtney said...

Looking Good!

The Boring Family said...

Can't wait to see it in person this week!

Linze Kate said...

You'd think he was being tortured and kept forgetting it... then remembering. Haha! He is too cute - looks great! :)