too great to pass up.

Hello, family and friends! After much trial and tribulation and a few tears, I, Mrs. Jones, have given up with www.tyleralie.info. For now.
I'm going to use blogspot because it's so much easier and quicker for me. Tyler's a bit distraught, but now he can use www.tyleralie.info for his own programming pleasure. Blogspot just seemed to be the right option.

Alas, on to the (second) post. Here are two things that are just too great to pass up.

ONE: this website. I can't even describe its awesomeness. I even think our little nieces will find this one amusing. (Tyler gets credit for most of thecool finds I share, by the way.)

TWO: I'm a huge fan of typography. (Yet sometimes, like in these posts, I'm lazy and don't strive for perfection. Perhaps someday, the Jones family blog will have perfect typography.)

Tyler showed this video to me this morning, and I almost fell off my chair laughing at work. I think ordinary people don't find it quite as humorous as designers, but it's still ROFL-worthy. (Dad, in case you didn't catch that acronym, it's rolling-on-the-floor-laughing.) Enjoy!

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