oh, frogs.

For an update on the frogs:

Nothing sketchy has been going on lately, thank goodness. They've been cuddly, but not frisky, per se. I think they are both females, which makes the previous events even stranger.

I changed their water yesterday, and am very proud of myself! I worked at a vet hospital and can handle most anything that involves a dog, blood, and poop...however, lizards and frogs and spiders and creepy-crawly things are not so much my specialty. Ask Tyler...I can't even use the net to catch a fish to change its water*. But alas, I could not put off a water change any longer. It was turning green.

The net worked well, once I finally coaxed them into it. I was nervous they were going to jump out of the cup they were in, so I put another cup on top to serve as a lid. Their water was an easy change, but getting them back in was nerve wracking again. But I succeeded. No froggies jumped out. (I suppose another reason I was so terrified to change their water is because the other night I had a dream: Paula [my boss] was on a walk, and I was changing the water. A frog jumped out and into Patti's office [the department chair], which mysteriously had turned into a jungle with tons of plants and trees everywhere, and I couldn't find the tiny 2" frog! Finally I found it, right before Paula came back. This was one of the rare instances in a dream of mine where I actually saved the day.)

Anyways, Tyler and I are still chugging along on school. This semester is brutal for him; he's taking Accounting 210 and a Computer Science class! He's been swamped with homework, but has still managed to finish it all on time and do well. I'm really proud of him. I'm just working about 40 hours a week and taking an Art History class. It's not too hard yet, but we have a research paper and two tests coming up that will mix things up a bit. I'd say the hardest part is the 2 1/2 hour long class twice a week! Yikes!

We're excited to visit the Boring family for Memorial Day Weekend and take a break! :)

*note: I think this come from a childhood memory of changing my betta fish's water. I was using a net to put him back in his bowl, and he wriggled out and fell in the sink, almost down the disposal drain! i screamed and Brandon came running to the rescue, picking up the fish and putting him safely back in his home. This traumatized me forever.

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