:: frisky frogs ::

We've got two tiny frogs in our office, and lately they've been getting quite a big cuddly. I googled them, and hopefully we won't have baby frogs soon! Either Ferdinand or Leopold might need a name change!

This is where the frogs live:

These are the frogs (about 2" long, stretched out)

And this is what they eat (dried bloodworms!):


kendle sue said...

nicely done!!

paula emailed me and told me about the scare! haha... i laughed... im sure it was scary though... you shaking the vase trying to get ferdinand out of leopold's mouth!

thanks for keeping me updated! :)

The Boring Family said...

That sounds like quite the scary situation. I think you're going to have to start giving your "pets" two names. Like you had to do with D.D. When you weren't sure if it was Delano or Dephilia. Let us know how parenting works out!