:: giving back

This weekend, Tyler and I drove around to about eight different places to run errands. As we were leaving Costco, we saw a kid's strawberry lemonade stand! So cute! Tyler flipped a u-turn and we went back for an ice cold, refreshing strawberry lemonade, with real strawberries in it. It was absolutely delicious and well worth 25-cents.

It's nice to spend an extra dollar here and there on a charitable cause. For example, at Costco yesterday, we donated to the Primary Children's Hospital, and at Smiths, we donated to a childrens charity in return for a rootbeer float. I think sometime this month we'd also like to donate to Foundation Rwanda. Honestly...why not? We're so blessed to come from good homes with more than enough to provide for our needs. It's our duty to help those less fortunate than us. A little goes a long way.

This past semester, a BYU forum was given by Arthur Brooks (you can listen to the mp3 here). He simply stated that studies show the more money you give, the more money you earn. It was by far the best talk I've heard at BYU, so if you have time, please listen to it. I plan on reading his book someday called Who Really Cares.

Really...think about all we've been blessed with. (Tyler and I) are students who haven't been severely affected by the economic troubles around us. We still have steady jobs when others around us are struggling to survive. We aren't struggling for food to place on the dinner table tonight. How can we not give back?

I challenge you to do ONE charitable thing today, whether it be sharing a warm batch of cookies with your neighbors, mowing someone else's lawn, or donating to fight breast cancer. Anything you do WILL make a difference.

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