twitter update

I feel I've given twitter a fair trial, considering I tried it out for a couple weeks. I even installed a twitter application on my computer that gave me updates and made a cool noise. However, I gave up.

I still don't see the point. I tried to update my statuses, but over and over again they seemed to consist of mundane sentences like, "Tyler took me out to dinner tonight. El Gallo Giro is still our favorite restaurant in Provo" or "Grocery shopping took forever today". Who wants to hear about my sad, pathetic life here at BYU? Honestly, for those considering twitter, a blog is the better option. There's more interaction and life to it. It's more personal.

End note>> Before you think I've completely trashed it, I'll admit it was fun to see celebrity's updates, because sometimes they were rather humorous. Following Michael Scott and Dwight Schrute provided a few laughs here and there...but in the end, I'm not sure if the concept overall was worth the time and effort. I'm proud to say I never truly caught on to the trend.

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