i love my husband.

Last Friday I came home from work, and even though Tyler was gone playing tennis, he had spent a few minutes before he left completely cleaning the house!

Here are pictures as proof that he really did make the bed, pick up the clothes, fold the blankets, clear off the table, do the dishes, etc.: (our table isn't normally right there, but he put the leaves in to extend it because we were having people over for dinner that night.)

He's so wonderful.

AND...yesterday he brought me home lilies for the 20th. (It's sort of a tradition that on the day you got married every month (in our case, the 20th), the Jones men bring home flowers for their wives.)

I love them! And because we're leaving tomorrow, I brought them to work to enjoy them all day on my desk, and I'm somehow bringing them on our road trip to Denver tomorrow so Brian and Mackenzie can enjoy them too!

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Jess said...

alex, i've been reading some of your old blog posts and i have to tell you... you and tyler are a-dorable!! Seriously, it makes me excited to get married when i read about your lives together!